We believe in building vehicles that don’t compromise between performance, cost and sustainability

Electric Performance

Instant torque at your fingertips with silky
smooth acceleration

Pure Exhilaration

No pollution; just you, the machine, and the great outdoors

Cost Competitive

No fuel, low maintenance. Get a better snowmobile
for less money


Unrestrained from the limits of the combustion engine, a clean sheet design has allowed us to achieve breakthrough performance

 470 lbs… Fully ‘Fueled’

A ground-up concept balancing motorsport technology with an automotive design approach has allowed us to achieve a cost effective featherweight snowmobile.

Incredible Handling

A lower center of gravity and improved suspension geometry for all around better ride dynamics carving on trails or sidehilling in powder

0-100km/h under 3s

Millisecond peak torque response across the entire throttle band for ludicrous acceleration at any altitude

Perfect Control

User adjustable intelligent throttle settings lets you operate smoothly in any conditions

Leading Energy Density 

A pack level energy density of 200Wh/kg with liquid thermal management enables ranges of up to 100km in cold conditions

Quick Charge

 We believe high-power level 2 charging should come standard. Get 80% capacity in 1 hour.


Snowmobiling started in Quebec, we are proud to keep the tradition of innovation going


We have always believed that delivering a great product comes first. After many years of prototyping, we can’t wait to unveil the electric snowmobile next winter!

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Contact us to find out more about our electric snowmobile at info@taigamotors.ca or fill out the form below.